4th Training Workshop on Liquid Terminals

In December, as usual, TLU held the 4th Training Workshop on Liquid Terminals in the city of Nueva Palmira. This is an opportunity to learn, exchange experiences, and deepen the relationship between all actors involved in one way or another, in liquid bulk operations in the port complex of Nueva Palmira.

Representatives of surveyors, the National Naval Prefecture, customs brokers, port operators, maritime agencies, TLU clients and preventive technicians, among others, participated in this public and free seminar.

This time, focus was on SAFETY. Under the slogan “TLU declares war on Murphy”, all the activities carried out by each of the parties involved in the care of a ship that discharges liquid fertilizer in TLU were reviewed, pointing out the risks that are therein and the Measures taken to eliminate or minimize such risks. The behavioural education of those involved in such operations is the key to achieving safe operations where Murphy’s Law does not take place.

Cap. Jose Luis Elizondo, Maritime National Authorities Chief of Circumscription of the Uruguay River and the Rio Negro, who is also a preventive technician, member of the Waterway Agreement Commission and auditor for the IMO (International Maritime Organization), collaborated with this conference and gave a very interesting speech on security in the port area.