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Barges and pushers


River transportation system.


Barges and pushers

The company won the tender to provide river transport services for the raw material for the Montes del Plata cellulose plant in the department of Colonia.

Transfluvial has become, after the flagging of four barges and two pusher craft, the main national shipping company.

The venture constitutes one of the largest maritime investments made in recent times in Uruguay.



Playa de Conchillas, Playa de La Concordia, Playa de La Agraciada and Playa de Las Cañas.

Transfluvial barges are the largest naval constructions that have been developed in Uruguay.

They are 86.4 meters long, 16.6 meters wide and 4.7 meters deep, weigh 970 tons and were built in welded steel. The supervision of the construction of these ships has been in the hands of Humboldt Shipmanagement.

Each of the four barges has a load capacity of 5,000 tons and can carry the equivalent of 170 trucks per trip.

Transfluvial will transport more than 2 million tons of logs per year from the M'Bopicuá terminal in Río Negro to Punta Pereira in Colonia. To move this amount of wood, 500 trips by barge are necessary, while 100,000 trips by truck would be necessary. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the barge system emits 14,000 tons of CO2, while the truck system would emit more than 32,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The river transport system will employ 35 Uruguayan crew members.


River transport services.




Machine powers 2 de 1998 HP 2 de 1999 HP
Type of government system Conventional Conventional
Pulling power (BP) 48,53 tons 47,70 tons
Eslora 22,56 m 23,70 m
Manga 9,50 m 9,50 m
Puntal 4,20 m 4,20 m
Built Chile- 2012 Chile 2012


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