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Nodus is leader in the representation of shipping lines and ocean and river services and their agencies in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and South of Brazil. It also plays a key role in the navigation through the Waterway, Río de la Plata Basin and the Atlantic coast of Latin America. It also acts as protective and husbandry agent of ship owners, scientific vessels, cruises and naval artefacts.


•        Liner agents

•        Tramp agents

•        General and port agents

•        Brokers

• Documentary and financial service shared center for its own
third party shipping agencies.

•        Offshore supplier and service provider

•        Preferred agents for LASA



Our ​​Oil & &Gas area is characterized by innovation, continuous improvement and focus on the client’s needs in order to offer a wide array of transport services and logistic solutions for the oil industry.


Nodus represents first class lines trading maritime freights to and from the main ports of the world. A long tradition in the container cargo market, professionalism and commitment to its clients have positioned Nodus as the preferred choice of ship-owners for their representation, agency port services and back office and also of the main actors in the Uruguayan foreign trade.


Port agency of all kinds of ships and shipping devices and shipping services advisory. A long tradition of professionalism, evidenced efficiency in short port calls and our constant client focus has positioned us as leaders vis-a-vis traders (grains, fertilizers, timber and iron ore for example), ship-owners, operators and other actors involved in the Shipping Community.

•         Our people, highly trained and committed.


•         Financial backing


•         Cutting-edge IT and communications systems.


•         Our network

•         Tradition and experience


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