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This ​​activity area has its origin on a need raised by one of our main clients, Montes del Plata.
Hence two companies are formed: Transfluvial and Urutug.
Transfluvial is an Uruguayan shipping company engaged in the river and ocean transportation of all kinds of goods.
Urutug is a tug company that provides harbor towage, salvage, offshore support services and special operations.

Engine power 2 of 1998 HP 2 of 1999 HP
Driving system Conventional Conventional
Bollard pull 48,53 tons 47,70 tons
Length 22,56 m 23,70 m
Beam 9,50 m 9,50 m
Depth 4,20 m 4,20 m
Built Chile- 2012 Chile 2012

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