Sur Logistic Terminal maintains Environmental Management Certification

Sur Logistic Terminal (STL) has completed the external audit for the Environmental Management ISO 14001 revision with a positive result so that we will maintain the certification.

During the instance, several aspects were highlighted which demonstrate STL’s management processes and environmental awareness development. STL has systematically mitigated the environmental impacts produced by its activity.

Two examples of highlighted aspects:

1- The auditors were well impressed with the processes carried out through the Effluent Treatment Plant by which we clean and recycle the gray waters from the washing of containers, which result into a decrease in water consumption and the use of recycled water for irrigation at the end of the cycle.

2- The use of renewable energies. The investment made by the group in the installation of solar panels will contribute a power of 20KW per hour to the STV grid, generating an energy saving of around 8% per year.

We are confident that the experience gained will enable us to achieve other short term challenges related to the Management Systems, such as the OEC and the SYSO Certification, and position us as a sustainable company.