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integral logistics solutions

We interpret, design and undertake comprehensive logistic solutions to meet the needs of various industries.

We are present throughout the international supply chain, either directly or through our service providers. We invest in specific assets and/or combine our own assets to enhance efficiency in operations.

This business area of ​​the group provides services and investments in the supply chain of general cargo, refrigerated, forest products, grain and project cargo, as well as in chemical, fertilizer and fuel.

Integra required links with privileged access to the services of the group and third, providing the customer with a single, centralized and highly competitive provision.

Professional Services and provide logistics solutions to its customers, based on the diversity and broad experience of the group in the areas of logistics, ports, terminals and transportation. Nodus assists in the planning and design phase of new business, both operationally and in developing its budget and subsequent execution. Also consults on distribution, production scheduling, inventory management and process design in plant or warehouse.

Project Cargo and

specialized vessels

Nodus has been working with design loads since the early 50s at the time of the construction of a port terminal at Nueva Palmira. Since then we have been involved in this type of load, both movements of incoming and outgoing or in transit to and from Paraguay, Argentina the Rio Grande.

Services include a wide range of activities that cover for example: agency, coordination and execution of operations, stevedoring, cargo handling in and out of port areas, port and external storage tanks, ground transportation, documentation, permits for operations in territorial waters, etc.. Request special services are also provided.

Port Warehouses

The Group has deposits that operate under special customs regimes Montevideo and in Nueva Palmira. They value added logistic services and storage charges to import, export and transit are provided. In Montevideo also operates a “Farmazona” provision of supplies and cruises are handled.

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Liquid bulk

Terminales de Líquidos del Uruguay (TLU) are two terminals for liquid bulk tanks: in Nueva Palmira, with port connection and Fray Bentos. They service delivery / receipt of products are provided to and from the ship, barge and / or truck and formulation (blending) and inventory management.

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Off dock warehouses

Nodus has terminals for empty containers and to provide logistics services of various types for a variety of goods. Its location only 11 km from the port of Montevideo and privileged accesses offer important advantages to its customers.

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Forestry Logistics

STF Logistics is responsible for the receipt, storage and supply of wood to the plant Montes del Plata. This activity means the handling of 3.8 M Ton of rolls per year and required an investment of USD 19M.

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Our Companies

Nodus invests and operates in partnership with world-class and regional companies that also hold strategic keys to each project.