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play a central role



People play a central role in formulating strategies for cooperative and collaborative work. That is why at NODUS we make a conscious and careful effort to select, incorporate, train and develop our people at every level. We assume the commitment to create and maintain really attractive jobs within a working environment of motivation, creativity, respect and recognition.

Our employees are people who are informed, listened to, respected, trained, responsible and loved.


and equality

We are committed to inclusion and equal opportunities, which is why we were one of the first companies to sign UN Women's Women Empowerment Principles (WEP).

growth and


internal mobility

We are committed to promoting the development and growth of all the people who work at NODUS, which is why, when faced with a vacancy, our policy is to prioritize internal mobility.

custom-made plans

Based on the annual evaluations of objectives and competencies, we develop customized development plans, seeking the sustainability of the company through the people who make it up.

Working environment

We are committed to a pleasant work environment, which motivates people to be creative and to feel listened to and valued in their opinion, so every year we carry out measurements of the organizational climate by executing action plans as a result of such measurements.


Communicating, exchanging ideas and opinions is in our DNA, that's why from the internal communication we are always attentive to inform about the news and stimulate the leaders of the work teams to be better communicators.

We encourage horizontality in our daily relations, in the understanding that we are all respected, valued and contribute to the achievement of the company's strategy and objectives.