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Container terminals, dry bulk, liquid terminals, general cargo terminals. Port operators specialized in massive, general and project cargoes.



Montecon is the bigget operator at the public areas of Montevideo port. It mobilizes more than 360,000 teus per year for many of the most important shipping lines that call at the port, both in import and export as well as in international and regional transit, under a free port regime. It also operates several feeder fluvial and high cabotage services, connecting directly with the rail and road modes. It has ample storage areas, a cold station for refrigerated containers and workshops for the repair and maintenance of containers.

Terminal ONTUR

Ontur is a private multipurpose port terminal in Nueva Palmira under a free zone regime. It has two berths for ships and three for barges and the largest closed warehouse in Uruguay (30,000 m2). It mobilizes and stores forest products, grains as well as general and project cargo from and to its hinterland. Its main flow is given by 1.2 M ton/year of cellulose pulp from UPM’s plant in Fray Bentos that sends all its production in river barges to Ontur for its collection and subsequent reshipment in oceanic vessels bound for overseas.


Sagres was founded in October 2002. It is a service provider that operates in the segments of maritime agency, commercial agency, port operations, logistics and warehousing inside and outside the port precincts.
Sagres operates mainly in the ports of Rio Grande do Sul (head office), Imbituba SC, Pelotas RS and Puerto Alegre RS (branches), and its main clients are exporters and importers, as well as the owners of ocean-going vessels.
The differentials of the company are in the know-how of the logistic operations of export and import of goods, as well as in the competitiveness of the operational model practiced.


TGU (Terminales Graneleras Uruguayas) operates a port terminal in Nueva Palmira for the loading, unloading, storage and transit of agricultural bulks.
TGU has silos in a free port where it also provides value-added services to merchandise. The terminal handles Uruguayan export and import products, as well as products in transit from Matto Grosso do Sul in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Oceanic vessels as well as river barges, trucks and the interconnections between the 3 modes are operated.

Stevedoring Companies

The group’s stevedoring companies carry out the activities of loading, unloading and stowage of ships, as well as the mobilization, reception, delivery, storage and control of all types of cargo, in public and private port terminals and industrial premises. General, refrigerated, containerized, unitized, bulk and liquid cargoes are operated, as well as vehicles, large packages and project cargoes.
Rioestiba is the operator of Ontur, which handles the cellulose pulp produced by UPM, both at the Fray Bentos plant and at the port of Ontur.


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