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Strategic location within the port's customs area.

At Montevideo Port Warehouses ,

Nodus counts with a warehouse for goods at the port of Montevideo.

Under free port status, with a closed area of 3,800 m2 and an open area of 11,000 m2. At DPM Nodus provides value-added and storage services to import, export and transit cargoes.



Nodus also operates a segregated area of 150 m2 dedicated to pharmaceuticals, and during the cruise season also handles provision supplies for cruise ships that call at the port.

The open space is used for the storage of vehicles, machinery, containers in transit and oversized bulks.


To provide a value-added service to cargoes passing through the Port of Montevideo, from a strategic location within the customs area of the port.


To be the regional distribution center for companies whose goods transit the region, offering an efficient, safe, and cutting-edge service.



At Nueva Palmira, Nodus counts with 10,500m2 of roofed warehouses in free zone regime which allow flexibility for adapting to different kinds of products and services.

This terminal handles most of the export of grains and other perishables and counts with Certification ISO 9001 and Certification HACCP.