Forest Products

Nodus has a vast and strong bond with the Uruguayan forest sector since it initiated its exports towards the end of the 80´s. It provides charter and agency services, loading and stowage and stockpiling areas. Currently, it also develops the export logistics of sawn wood, unitized or container plywood moldings and panels.

Through its joint venture with Azucarlito Nodus has a significant stake in the port operator Rioestiba and in Ontur – the multipurpose terminal located at the port of Nueva Palmira, in a free trade zone regime, key factor in the logistics chain of cellulose pulp and its raw materials.

Nodus has been the awarded bidder of the three first tenders of Montes del Plata, the future pulp mill to be located at Punta Pereira, Colonia, which shall produce 1,5M Ton per year.

Transfluvial (Nodus, ETE from Portugal and Ultratug from Chile consortium) is in charge of the river and sea transportation of pulp logs from Terminal Logistics M’Bopicuá (TLM) to Punta Pereira and of the assistance service of tugboats at the port of Punta Pereira.

The Urutug (Nodus and Ultratug consortium) tugs, operate for Montes del Plata but are also used to provide additional services at the ports of Punta Pereira , Nueva Palmira and Montevideo.They provide onshore and off shore services.

STF Logística, formed between Nodus and Teyma Forestal, is in charge of the reception, storage and provision of timber for Montes del Plata. This activity entails the handling of 3,8 M Tons of logs per year and required a USD 19M investment.