Schandy Group changes its name to Nodus and projects new challenges for the future

With the objective of reflecting in its brand the confluence of maritime, port and logistic services offered to its customers and partners, and its articulating character, Schandy Group is now called Nodus.

Inspired by the idea of a node as a connection point, the name reinforces the articulating role that distinguishes the company, interconnecting independent companies to respond to the constant challenges of the market.

At the end of 2017, the Schandy Group was acquired in its entirety by Ultramar, which after decades of close ties and ten years of association with the Schandy family, assumed the commitment to continue the strategy, deepening its growth. In this context, the institution announced its new name.

“We want to emphasize this capacity for connection, flexibility and willingness to join efforts with our customers and partners. A time of new projects is opening up, where 70 years of innovation and logistical development are being reinforced to take Uruguayan foreign trade further,” said Gonzalo Tapia, CEO of the firm.

The same commitment to deepening growth and diversification

Now under the name of Nodus, the group aspires to redouble its commitment in Uruguay and the region.

In this sense, it plans to undertake important projects to consolidate itself as a key actor for different strategic partners. In addition, it will continue to invest in the logistical development of the ports of Montevideo and Nueva Palmira.

Likewise, by generating infrastructure, adopting best practices and available technologies, and promoting adequate and sustainable labor relations with its work teams, Nodus plans to enter new business segments, as well as expand its operations to the region through the export of Uruguayan labor and talent.

Nodus’ leadership, management and team of professionals will continue to be Uruguayan and will continue to promote an institutional culture forged by values such as courage, integrity, collaboration, care and excellence, all present in the service the firm offers its clients and partners in maritime, port and logistics activities throughout the region.

“Ultramar bets to support the team that has led the company during all these years in the understanding that it is one of our great differentials and the one that has brought us here”, valued Tapia.

Services that meet the challenges

In its extensive trajectory, Nodus has consolidated itself as a strategic partner of multiple companies in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and the south of Brazil, to which it provides port, maritime, logistic and navigation services. It is made up of more than 35 companies with 1,200 people, integrating a highly professionalized family of work and innovation.

Container, bulk, liquid and general cargo terminals are part of the multiple port services offered through its operators, present in the Uruguayan ports of Montevideo, Nueva Palmira, La Paloma, Punta Pereira, Fray Bentos, M’Bopicuá and Paysandú, as well as in the Brazilian ports of Rio Grande, Imbituba, Guaíba, Pelotas and Porto Alegre.

In addition, it is leader in the representation of maritime and fluvial lines and services and their agency in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and South of Brazil and protagonist of the navigation by the Hidrovía, the basin of the Silver and the Atlantic coast of Latin America.

Nodus, through its network, articulates integral logistic solutions to satisfy the needs of industries and diverse sectors such as forestry, agriculture, livestock and energy, among others, to promote the development of Uruguayan foreign trade and the region.